Welcome to AACAL

The Amarillo Area Center for Advanced Learning


Hi! My name is Jay Barrett, and I'm the principal at AACAL.

Thank you very much for visiting our website.

When AACAL opened its doors in January of 1995, it was called "…a direction for the future." Years later, AACAL is still that direction for students who are ready to explore and prepare for a variety of careers toward which our campus guides them.

AACAL offers high school students hands-on educational opportunities, including a robust partnership program. We have five different programs of study in three different endorsement areas, including Public Service, Business & Industry and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). The programs of study are:


AACAL is open to any student in Amarillo ISD, surrounding school districts, private schools or home schools, and the best part is that students do not have to give up their home campus identity or extra-curricular activities! They remain enrolled at their home high school and split the day between their home campus and AACAL.


Working in collaboration with the existing programs at the home campuses, AACAL expands the choices available to students. Most AACAL students attend a two- or three-hour block of classes at AACAL, either in the morning or afternoon -- depending on their schedule at their home campus.


Many college, university, business and industry partners have assisted AACAL in the development and continued planning of a four-year, coherent sequence of study in each specialty field. The courses in each specialty field, uniquely designed and taught, allow every student to gain first-hand knowledge about that specialty field.


The AACAL Partnership Program includes opportunities for students at each successive level to gain real world, worksite skills as they participate in field trips (freshmen & sophomores), mentorships (juniors) and, finally, internships (seniors). The benefit of this structure is that our students gain authentic, on-the-job skills while our partners are gaining possible future employees with the knowledge and skills they need in the workforce right here in the Amarillo area.


We are a 1:1 iPad campus, and our students use the technology of the iPad daily to do research, complete assignments, and design and build projects through Project-Based Learning (PBL). We have developed courses for iTunes University that our students access on their iPads.


At AACAL, we know you have a choice, and we work hard to deliver world-class instruction that ensures each student achieves his or her optimum potential. Take a closer look at AACAL—I'm certain you'll like what you see!