Web Activities for Pre-K



Language Arts Skills



I See You!

ABC Mommy and Me


Nina the Naming Newt


Clifford's Vowels


Ant Parade

Lecky's Picture Painting




Color Naming Vocabulary


Animal Sounds Game


Be a Detective

Bloople's Colors

The sounds of letters


Animals Vocabulary

Naming Sounds


Number Train


Bubble Wrap

The ABC Game


Purpy's Shapes


Identifying Instruments


Counting on a Cloud


Aven's Corner


Alphabet Antics


The Shop of Colors


The Pig Waller


One Little Ball




Alphabet Action




Lanolin's Greenhouse


Count the Bananas


Click and Color


ABC Awareness


Loosey Goosey Rhymes


Pumpkin Patch


Dot to Dot


Dragon Tales PBS Kids

Alphabet Goop


Readalong Nursery Rhymes


Music Match


Curious George
Glass Palace


Coloring Book


Alphabet Jungle Song


Inkless Tales Poetry


What Do You Hear?


Greenelle's Numbers


Dress the Teddy Bear


Animated Alphabet


Snapdragon - Snap!


Animal Sounds


How Many?


Feed the Monster




What's in the Bag


Morris' Special Day


Learn to Count to 20




Big Bird's Letters


Cooking With Rosita


Five Little Babies


Let's Count!


Mousing Around


Alphabet Soup


Jumping Rhymes


I Will Not Take a Bath


Same or Different


Learn Your Letters


Learn Your ABC's


In The Nick of Rhyme


Color the Rainbow


Move Along with Hampshire


Make A Face


Lost Letters


Theo's Puzzles


Clyde's Smile


Count 1 to 20!


Thunder and Lightning Bowling


Magic Mailbox ABC's


Monkey Match


Engine Nine, Party Line


Buzzing with Shapes


Paint and Make


Musical Worms

Sky Riding


Bananas for Lunch


Barney and Friends Numbers Matching


Tidy the Classroom


Letter TV Songs


Wonder Red's Freeze Rhyming


The All Star Band


Colors and Shapes



Abby's Adventure


I Spy Shapes


Color The Shapes




Oscar's Bumper Cars


The Yellow Gorilla


Find the Shapes

Everything Must Go


6 Little Teddy Bears


Oochy Goes To The Fair


Reading Bingo


New Fish on the Reef


Trucks Of Fun


Elmo's First Day of School


Time to Fight a Fire


Sorting with Hampshire


Say What?


The Barnyard Chorus